Hidden Gems

Photo of a swinging bridge with text overlay that says hidden gems of Pontiac

When you visit Pontiac it’s easy to see why we’re a don’t miss destination on so many lists – you can hardly go half a block in the downtown district without seeing a museum, mural, or the friendly face of a resident. And it’s easy to spend a weekend exploring the museums, murals, and merchants and enjoying every minute of it. But if you’re looking for something unique, look no further than our list of “hidden gems!”

  • Riverview Disc Golf Course: Outdoor enthusiasts might be surprised to learn that Pontiac has a championship level disc golf course. Its 18 holes span two city parks: during play you get to cross one of our unique swinging bridges AND throw a disc across the Vermilion River. The best part? It’s just a few blocks from the downtown area. For more information including a course map visit Pontiac Parks and Rec’s website.
  • The Seasons of Life Statues: Located just a few blocks east of the downtown district, these larger than life statues were some of the first pieces of public art in Pontiac. Tucked in a cozy neighborhood park, they’re easy to miss if you don’t know they are there. Each of the three statues represents a stage of life: Childhood and Youth, Middle Age, and Old Age. Though the statues themselves are large and immobile, they serve as a fascinating reminder that “all things change and we change with them.”
  • Pontiac’s Swinging Bridges: Pontiac is one of the only midwestern towns able to boast three pedestrian swinging bridges. All three bridges span the Vermillion River and have iron support structures and wooden treads. Two were built in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s as a means to get from one side of the town to the other. The third was built in the 1970’s for recreation. One is located in Humiston-Riverside Park on the southern edge of the downtown district. The others are just a few blocks away in Play Park and Chautauqua Park. For more information, visit the Swinging Bridges page on our website.