Life on the Titanic

Found on the second floor of the Pontiac Museum Complex, the exhibit portrays the life and times of the ship, its passengers, and the elegant Edwardian Age. The items on display are contemporaries of those that sank on the famed ship as well as items from the rescue ship.

Just added to the Life on the Titanic exhibit: The Adventures of Axelina

On Saturday, May 1, 2021 a new display is opening in The Life on the Titanic exhibit. This exhibit shares the two-month personal voyage in 1928 of Axelina Constanzia Ergo aboard the White Star Line ship, the S.S. Doric. Just as the Titanic had done eleven years earlier, Doric was making a transatlantic crossing from Europe to North America.  Although Doric was one-third the size of Titanic, it exhibited the same stately lines; the same red, black and white colors; and the same lavish interior as Titanic.

Along the way Axie kept a daily diary of her adventures and destinations along the Mediterranean Sea. The original diary serves as the basis for the exhibit and can be seen along with her hand colored portrait on display. The exhibit can be seen at the Pontiac Museum Complex located at 110 W. Howard Street.

The exhibit is one of three located in the Pontiac Museum Complex curated by Ron Selle and Darlene Agner. The other two are the Life in the 1940s Exhibit and the Music of the Civil War Exhibit. They are also the curators of Nine Days in April: The Lincoln Assassination and the Press located in the Strevell House.

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Life on the Titanic

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