Looking for Lincoln Exhibits in Pontiac

In 2009, in celebration of Lincoln's 200th birthday, the State of Illinois gathered together a number of towns that had immediate connections to Lincoln's past. Pontiac, as Livingston County seat, and part of the 8th Judicial District when Lincoln served as a traveling attorney, of course was one of those towns.  In order to share the many stories about Lincoln's life before he left Illinois for Washington DC and the White House, the State helped to fund the creation of a total of 215 exhibits, located in 52 communities. Each of these exhibits tells a story about Lincoln's connections to that local community.  The City of Pontiac has nine of these exhibits.  We invite you to take a walking tour of the Lincoln history sites.  You could also travel to each site by car, but in order to read the stories, you will need to exit the vehicle and approach the storyboard.  
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Looking For Lincoln Dedication Ceremony - 2009

Lincoln Dedication

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1. County Seat Almost Moved 

South Side of Courthouse Square

2. Lincoln Wins County's 1st Lawsuit

200 Block North Chicago Street

3. Riverbank Debate

East Side of Mill Street at Mill Street Bridge

4. Lincoln Slept Here

West Side of Mill Street at Mill Street Bridge

5.  Lincoln Speaks at Church

200 Block of West Livingston Street - Presbyterian Church

6. Lincoln Visits Strevell

400 Block of West Livingston Street - Historic Strevell House 

7.  Abe Lincoln Stranded Here

200 Block of North Oak Street - by County Market Grocery

8. Pontiac's Guiding Spirit

Fell Park - 200 Block North Vermillion Street - Across from the Depot

9.  Citizenry Mourn Lincoln

Fell Park - 200 Block North Vermillion Street - Across from the former Chicago & Alton Depot

River Bank Debate Storyboard near Mill Street Bridge

River Debate Storyboard

Lincoln Statue and Storyboard at Courthouse

Courthouse Storyboard