Museums and Exhibits

Illinois Route 66 Museum and Hall of Fame
In this museum, you will find memorabilia from the glory days of the Mother Road, including stories, artifacts, and images.
Livingston County War Museum
This musuem is focused on honoring the men and women of the area who served in our nation's armed forces. 
Museum of the Gilding Arts
The Society of Gilders, an international organization that preserves the history and craft of gold and silver leaf gilding, has created a new museum that follows the development of this unique and ancient art through time.  Features items from the Swift Collection. 
Pontiac-Oakland Automobile Museum and Resource Center
This museum has the world's best collection of all things related to the Pontiac and Oakland automobile brands.
Livingston County Historical Society's Local History Museum
Located inside the Livingston County Courthouse, this collection of artifacts encompasses the prehistoric and historic periods of our local history. 
Walldog Mural Exhibit
This exhibit is dedicated to the preservation of the history and techniques of outdoor mural and advertising painting.
Life in the 1940s Exhibit
Four rooms located on the 2nd floor of the Pontiac Museum Complex.  Each room is decorated with knick-knacks, furniture and appliances from the era of the nation's Greatest Generation.  
Music of the Civil War Exhibit
An exhibit celebrating the range of music popular before, during, and immediately after the American Civil War.  Original sheet music, antique instruments, and other artifacts round out the exhibit.
The Bob Waldmire Experience
Found on the 2nd floor of the Pontiac Museum Complex, this exhibit follows the development of Bob Waldmire from a young man growing up near Springfield to his days as a traveling artist.  Be sure to see Bob's VW van in the Route 66 Museum and his Road Yacht, outside behind the Route 66 Museum.