Pontiac in the News

The City of Pontiac and our tourist attractions have been getting positive attention from news outlets all around the world. From Billy Connolly's BBC travelogue on Route 66 to a Route 66 travel blog created by three Chinese journalists, Pontiac is making its mark. We will post some of the more recent notices we have gotten here on this page. So, check back often

You can also view a number of videos that focus on our community. Check out our video library. There you will find informative interviews with some of the local folks (including Mayor Bob Russell) who helped to create our impressive list of tourist attractions.   

Peter Pohle, a German travel blogger, visited Pontiac as part of an Illinois Route 66 familiarization tour in November. We're featured heavily in his blog and it features many excellent pictures as well.

Route 66 Shield Mural

Pontiac was recently visited by Suze from LuxuryColumnist, a luxury lifestyle blog headquartered in the UK. She was in the US doing a Route 66 trip and loved Pontiac so much that not only did she mention us in her article about Illinois Route 66, we also got our own article! Read the Ultimate Illinois Road Trip article here and check out Fun Route 66 Attractions in Pontiac, IL here.

Luxury Columnist Screenshot

A recent (2018) Chinese version of Essentially America featured a photo of Pontiac's famous Route 66 Shield mural - and a "300 horsepower time-machine."  This same photo was the cover image for an earlier multi-language edition of this same magazine.  We love seeing our mural in print - come see it in person for yourself!  

Essentially America China Version

The Choosy Traveler Website has a list of "7 Picture-Perfect Small Cities and Towns" for your summer road trips.  (Posted online April 16, 2018.)  Pontiac is pleased to be one of those seven special locations.  Hop in the car and come visit us!  Read the full article here.

Small Towns Article

In the Life & Style section of the March 30, 2018 online edition of the Chicago Tribune, there is a list of "20 must-see cultural attractions in Illinois."  The Route 66 Museum in Pontiac is listed along with the Illinois Shakespeare Festival, the Chicago Art Institute, the Ravinia music festival, the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, and other places of cultural importance.  We stand among good company.  Check out the full list here.

Chicago Newspaper Story

A new magazine dedicated to the Mother Road, Route Magazine, has recently debuted (2018). In a wonderful story about Pontiac, the author, Efren Lopez, is quite complimentary about our city and his story includes some lovely photographs of our town.  "Few towns along Route 66 represent the Mother Road more magically than Pontiac, Illinois," he writes. We certainly appreciate this view. Come see for yourself!  

Route Magazine

The November 2017 issue of Illinois Municipal League Review includes a story about "Time Travel Tourism."  The story looks at how the past can enhance and make more meaningful the present; as it does along historic Route 66.  In the article, Pontiac is called, "the preeminent expert" in using the past to create a new future in tourism.  

Illinois Municipal Review Magazine Cover

International journalist, Qin Xie, recently made the trip through Illinois on Route 66 and had her pictures and story posted on October 31, 2017 on the Metro.co.uk website. Xie seems to have enjoyed many of the attractions that Pontiac offers the heritage traveler.  We thank her for her visit, her kind words about us, and we hope to welcome her back in the future.  Check out her story here

Metro UK 2017

In the October, 2017 issue of West Suburban Living, Susanne Corbett offers her take on traveling the section of historic Route 66 from Berwyn to Springfield.  "Motoring Out from Chicago on RT 66" has suggestions, observations, and lots of good information about planning  your own exploration of the Mother Road in Illinois.  Pontiac is part of the story and our world famous Route 66 shield mural sure looks good.

West Suburban Living 2017

The August 23, 2017 issue of Destinations magazine, distributed locally as part of the Bloomington, IL Pantagraph, has an informative article on why Route 66 endures both in memory and as a living, thriving road trip experience. Reporter Lenore Sobota does a wonderful job of explaining the magic of the Mother Road, and its international appeal.  Our wonderful Route 66 Museum and its staff are part of the story.  

Short Trips, Big Fun Article Detail
The May 2017 issue of Illinois Valley Boomers Today, a publication of the News Tribune, has a great story on Route 66 and the Route 66 Association of Illinois' Hall of Fame and Museum in Pontiac.  The story also pays tribute to Bob Waldmire, a true Route 66 icon.  
Boomers Today Route 66 article
The 2017 German edition of Travel USA has stories about many different trips in the United States.  One of those stories includes Illinois, Route 66 and Pontiac - you can see our world famous Route 66 shield mural in the photo collage.   
Travel USA German Cover
The Spring 2017 issue of Essentially America, published in the UK, China, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Japan and Australia, has an article on Route 66, or as the article proclaims, "America's Mother Road."  We are proud to be part of the story and the cover photo.  
Essentially America Cover
Published in China in 2016, journalist and photographer Ling Jiang has put together a lovely book, Across Route 66, about her travels on the American Mother Road.  While she was in Pontiac, she met the Tourism Director, the City Administrator, and the Mayor and his wife.  We all hope she finds time to come back again.
Across Route 66 Book Cover
The Blog for Lifestyle and Travel (BLT) recently compiled a Bucket List of things to do in Illinois.  We are proud to note that a visit to Pontiac is number 2 on that list.  You can check out the Illinois Bucket List and other travel-related articles on the BLT website - Use this link.
BLT Composite
The Champaign, IL News-Gazette published a story on Route 66 in their September 11, 2016 online issue.  The story, by Melissa Merli, with photos by Darrell Hoemann, is full of information about traveling on the Mother Road.  We are pleased that we made a positive impression on the travelers.  You can review the story by using this link

News-Gazette web Cover
The September 8, 2016 online edition of the Washington Post features a great story by Andrea Sachs.  "Still Finding Kicks on Route 66" tells of the author's trip down Route 66.  The story includes lots of very complimentary things about our Route 66 Museum.  You can view the story online by using this link.  
Washington Post Online Article
The Spring 2015 issue of Potovanja v Dvoje (Trips for Two), published in Slovenia, features an eight-page article on traveling Route 66 from Chicago to St. Louis.  Pontiac is featured in both text and photos.  Included in the article is a wonderful tribute to the Livingston County War Museum and one of our local heroes.  
Potovanja Cover page
The July 2016 issue of American Car Magazine, published in the United Kingdom, has an excellent article on Route 66 travels.  Pontiac is part of that story.  
American Car Magazine (UK)
In the June 2016 issue of Corn Belt Energy's Illinois Country Living magazine, Jerry McDonald explores the history and the future of Route 66. We are the cover photo and part of the text.   
Illinois Country Living June 2016
The May 2016 issue of Destinations magazine includes an article that explores the world of cruise-ins and car shows.  The Pontiac Cruise Nights are featured in the text and in photos.
Destinations Magazine
The Spring 2016 issue of Illinois Meetings + Events features a cover photo of Pontiac's world famous Route 66 shield mural.  Inside the magazine are some wonderfully complimentary things said about central Illinois and the City of Pontiac.  
IL Meetings and Events Cover

The February, 2016 issue of Travel + Leisure, published in China, has a wonderful article on Route 66.  We are part of the story!

Travel_Leisure China 2016 Cover
Although it is not technically an article written about Pontiac, we are pleased to note that our world-famous Route 66 painted mural is the cover (and December) photograph for one of the National Geographic Society's 2016 promotional calendars.  The classic car included in the image was provided by the Pontiac-Oakland Auto Museum in Pontiac. 
National Geographic Cover
Published in ChinaAcross magazine's February 2015 issue has a lengthy story on the huge increase in Chinese tourists traveling Route 66.  We are pleased to note that the City of Pontiac, the Pontiac-Oakland Auto Museum, and the Route 66 Museum were highlighted.  
Across Magazine Cover
The Intrepid Explorer, published in South Africa, has a great story on traveling Route 66. The online version, posted February 23, 2015, can be viewed here: On the Road Again, by Graham Howe.  There are lots of pictures of Pontiac's attractions and some very nice comments. 
Intrepid Explorer Feb 15
The April 2015 issue of Traveller Magazin, a publication from Romania, features a story on Route 66 with a comprehensive look at Pontiac and our Mayor Bob.
Traveller Magazine - Romania
The May 2015 issue of Car & Bike Driver magazine (Czech Republic) features a story and photos of the Pontiac-Oakland Automobile Museum and Resource Center.

Chinese travel writer/blogger Li Wei published a Route 66 travel book in China in 2015.  The translated title of the book is Rush into Route 66: A Woman's Solo Trip.  We are proud to be such a focus of her trip on Route 66 through Illinois on her way to Santa Monica.  
Czech Driver Magazine
Rush Into Route 66 Book Cover
From the Editors of Midwest Living, the 2015 Best of the Midwest Travel magazine features a story and photos of Pontiac and its role as an important Route 66 location.
Best of Midwest 2015
New City magazine, a publication dedicated to exploring the Chicago area art scene, recently featured a story on the thriving art community in Pontiac. (August 14 & 21, 2014 issue) Writer David Witter discusses Pontiac's efforts to develop tourism through the use of public art. Tourism specialist, Liz Vincent, hosted the writer and provided him with background information on our murals, art cars, Dongbai's art school, and the community art center.
New City Cover
In October of 2014, U.S. Front Line, a Japanese-language magazine, published a feature story on traveling Route 66 in Illinois. Pontiac was well represented in the article and you can see one of the Pontiac Art Cars in the cover's photographic collage.
US Frontline Cover
Published in the United Kingdom in 2011, Billy Connolly's Route 66 : The Big Yin on the Ultimate American Road Trip, is a delightful and humorous look at the American Mother Road as experienced during a summer.  Our favorite quote about Pontiac from the book:  "It’s the kind of place where you can picture that whole American Dream thing happening – people setting up in Pontiac and making successes of their lives in a modest, wholesome way."

BConnolly Cover
A 2014 issue of Brasil Travel News, published in Brazil, has a great "Letter from the Editor" that talks about the editor's recent trip to Route 66 in Illinois.  Pontiac is featured as one of the highlights of his trip and in the magazine there are three photos of Pontiac's most popular attractions.  Thanks, Brazil! 
Brazil Travel Cover
Overdrive,  the premiere car and motorcycle oriented publication in India, had a wonderful article on historic Route 66 in their October 2014 issue.  Author Bertrand D'Souza and photographer, Suresh Narayanan put together a terrific look at the Mother Road from Oklahoma to Chicago.  Pontiac was a highlight of their trip. Our museums, art cars, and murals were a big hit. 
Overdrive Magazine Cover Oct 2014
A one-page article on Route 66 and Pontiac was published in the German weekly regional newspaper “Sonntag Aktuell” on August 3, 2014 (circulation: 693,628).  The online version of the story (in German) can be read here: View Online Version.
German Article
Wing World magazine's January 2014 issue has a great story about Pontiac.  The text by Kevin Whipps, accompanied by wonderful photographs taken by Carl Schultz, highlights their "unscheduled stop" where they discovered just how "amazing" Pontiac can be.
The August 2014 issue of Midwest Living features a story on Route 66 travel.  Pontiac is part of the story.
Midwest Living Cover
The May 30, 2014 issue of Travel One, a magazine published in Germany, discusses the growing segment of the tourism business centered on motorcycle trips through the USA.  Route 66, with Pontiac as one of the favored stops, is featured.  Our Route 66 Mural looks good!
Travel One Magazine
Midwest Living's  2014 edition of "Best of the Midwest Travel" magazine features Pontiac as part of the Route 66 Instant Itinerary.  
Midwest Living Travel 2014
The story of Route 66 and the City of Pontiac is part of the Illinois Heritage magazine's May-June 2014 issue.  The magazine is a publication of the Illinois State Historical Society.  This particular issue is devoted to the history of travel in the State of Illinois.
Illinois Heritage Magazine
A story on Pontiac's growing tourism appeal appears in the Illinois Farm Bureau's Spring 2014 issue of Partners magazine.  The story that features Pontiac begins on page 14. 
Illinois Partners Cover
A story and photo about the Pontiac Airport Courtesy Crew Car appeared in the January 2014 issue of the AOPA PILOT (Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association).   The Pontiac Grand Prix is on loan from the Pontiac-Oakland Automobile Museum and Resource Center and has airbrush art on it painted by Tang Dongbai. In the article, they ask the question, "Is this the best crew car ever?"  We think, "YES"!
AOPA Cover_Article
The May 2013 issue of Country Extra magazine features an article on Pontiac. 
Country Extra May 2013
The January 2013 issue of The Legend, a magazine published by the GTO Association of America, features a story and pictures of the premiere Pontiac Museum Regional Meet, held in Pontiac at the Pontiac-Oakland Automobile Museum and Resource Center. 
Legend magazine cover
Pontiac's newest mural, the Sidewalk Shark, is the cover photo for the Fall 2012 issue of Route 66 Magazine. The Sidewalk Shark was painted by Tang Dongbai, chief instructor at the Dongbai International Airbrush Art School here in Pontiac.
Route 66 Magazine Cover
The Spring 2012 edition of Route 66 Magazine features two stories about the City of Pontiac. One story focuses on the International Walldog Mural and Sign Art Museum and the other on the Art Cars that are placed around the downtown area each year.
2012 Rt66 Cover
In the summer of 2012, Doug Law, a former Pontiac resident, wrote a wonderful story about our city's Abraham Lincoln connections in the Sydney, Nebraska Sun Telegraph.
Laws View Article
Pontiac was among the topics featured in an October 15, 2011, front page story in the Chicago Tribune on the increase in foreign visitors who come to Illinois in search of a "true" American experience along Route 66.
Chicago Tribune Front Page
The Spring 2011 issue of The Route 66 News includes a story on the planned grand opening of the new Pontiac-Oakland Automobile Museum & Resource Center in Pontiac. The cover features a photo of Bob Waldmire's vehicles, including the school bus mobile home and his VW van - both which are display at the Route 66 Association of Illinois Hall of Fame and Museum in Pontiac.
Route 66 Magazine Cover 2011
The Winter 2009/10 issue of Route 66 Magazine features the story of Pontiac's Walldog murals.  With the cover photograph and an article filled with facts and images, it was a fitting tribute to the 150 artists who came to Pontiac in the summer of 2009 and made artistic magic happen.  
Route 66 Magazine Winter 2009
In one of our earliest international stories, the November 2008 issue of City Pictorial Magazine, published in China, features a story about the Illinois Route 66 Museum here in Pontiac.  
2008 China Magazine