Pontiac's Art Cars

In the downtown Pontiac shopping district, you will find 15 miniature cars that have been decorated in a variety of styles by our local artists and art groups.  There are 10 '57 Chevys and 3 pickup trucks.  

Take a stroll around downtown and be sure to bring a camera!

The Pontiac Art Cars are a seasonal display.  They go into storage for the winter.
A collage of the different art cars in Pontiac.

Art Car Being Created

Art Car Creation

Street Department Places Art Cars

City Workers Place Art Car

Kids Enjoy the Art Cars!

Kids in Pontiac IL Art Car

Route 66 Tow Truck

Route 66 Tow Truck

Little Humiston Woods Truck Next to Big Humiston Woods Truck

Humiston Woods Trucks

Is that a '57 Chevy? No, its the Lincoln Town Car.

Lincoln Town Car

A Photo Opportunity for All Ages

Lady in Art Car

Leopard or automobile? You decide!