Attractions for Everyone

Pontiac has become a popular visitor destination for many reasons. We are home to four wonderful museums and some interesting exhibits - all of them donation only admission. We have a fabulous collection of outdoor painted murals, nine Looking For Lincoln heritage sites, five Route 66 heritage sites, and of course, our three unique swinging pedestrian bridges. Browse through our website and see what we offer. 

For brochures and maps, please contact us or ask for them when you arrive at any of our museums. 

Historic Homes

Learn about the historic homes located in Pontiac, and how you can visit them.

Historical Society's Local History Exhibit

The Livingston County Historical Society protects and preserves our local history. The local history exhibit is located inside the Livingston County Courthouse.

Livingston County Courthouse

Discover the story behind the Livingston County Courthouse.

Looking for Lincoln

We are proud of our Lincoln heritage and invite visitors to learn more about the humble prairie lawyer who rose to become one of our nation’s most important and admired Presidents.

Military Memorials

Pontiac and Livingston County are justifiably proud of the sons and daughters who have answered the call of the nation in every major conflict since the Civil War.

Murals on Main Street

Pontiac currently has over 20 outdoor murals which depict its local commercial, cultural, and political history.

Outdoor Fun

While visiting Pontiac, we hope that you will take advantage of the outdoor activities we offer.

Pontiac's Art Cars

In the downtown Pontiac shopping district, you will find 15 miniature cars that have been decorated in a variety of styles by our local artists and art groups.

Pontiac Charm Trail

Pontiac merchants of all sorts have joined together to establish a Charm Trail.

Pontiac's Swinging Bridges

Pontiac has three unique swinging bridges for pedestrian traffic. All three bridges cross the Vermilion River.

Route 66 Wayside Exhibits

Today there are six wayside exhibits in Pontiac, and each tells a different story about America's Main Street highway and the City of Pontiac.

Seasons of Life Statues

At Dargan Park, located at the corner of Madison and Fountain streets, one block south of Howard Street, a set of three statues can be seen. The statues are made of steel plates and represent the "seasons of life."

Thomas F. Googerty Iron Works

Thomas F. Googerty was born in Pontiac on November 14, 1864. Over the course of his extraordinary lifetime, Googerty grew into one of the nation's greatest craftsmen in decorative iron work.