Pontiac Jolly Trolley


Seating Capacity

The Jolly Trolley is available for use by citizens and guests for the transportation of groups from 10 - 25 people to attractions within the city of Pontiac on the other days of the week by special arrangement with the tourism office.   The trolley will seat 20-25 people, and is equipped with a wheelchair lift.

Reserve the Trolley

The Pontiac Jolly Trolley is available to the citizens of Pontiac and visitors for use with groups of 10 or more.  The trolley will hold 25 people and is equipped with a Wheelchair Lift.  Under normal circumstances, the trolley may be used between 8 AM and 7 PM.  In all cases, the trolley must be back at the trolley garage by 7 PM.  If you would like to reserve the Pontiac Jolly Trolley, please complete the Trolley Request Form

To speak with a Tourism representative about the Trolley, call: 815-844-5847 during regular business hours.