Livingston County War Museum

Living History

Walking through our museum is like taking a tour of the 20th Century, including artifacts, films, books, uniforms and weapons of several wars: 
  • Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Korean Conflict
  • Operation Desert Storm
  • Vietnam War
  • World War I
  • World War II

This is living history because our staff is made up of military veterans and history enthusiasts who are present to answer your questions and share their experiences with you. Our museum does not glorify war, but shows the best attributes of men and women caught up in war. In doing so, we respectfully honor the service of all of America's veterans - past and present.

Video Preview

We invite you to view a video about the Livingston County War Museum. This tribute was prepared by the Illinois Office of Tourism and is about 6 minutes in length

Visitor's Testimonial

"I walked through that museum. It only took a couple of minutes to start to understand what is represented here; the sacrifice, the patriotism, the old boys talking and laughing and telling war stories in the other rooms, the realization that freedom ain't free. I got alone for most of it cause I was crying, reading real life stories, reading real death stories, and and starting to understand that this country was and is birthed in blood and I really, really need to appreciate it more than I already do." H.B.A.