The Yost House

The Yost House Museum will be open on May 6th as part of the Red Carpet Corridor Festival.  Hours will be from 1:00 to 4:00 PM.  

298 West Water Street

The Catharine V. Yost Museum is an extraordinary site. Constructed before the turn of the 20th century, the house was owned and occupied by a single family for nearly 100 years. When the last member of the Yost family passed away, the house and everything in it was deeded to the City of Pontiac.  

The Yost House Museum is open by appointment. During the tourist season, it is open on selected Saturday's for public tours. To arrange a private tour, please contact the Tourism office at (815) 844-5847.
The white-painted exterior of the Yost House.

2017 Open House Dates

May 6 - 1 PM to 4 PM - Theme: Something Red  - Red Carpet Corridor Festival Weekend
May 20 - 1 PM to 4 PM - Theme: Tea Sets
June 17 - 1 PM to 4 PM - Theme: Live Music
July 15 - 1 PM to 4 PM - Theme: Patriotic Music
August 19 - 1 PM to 4 PM - Theme: Herbs
September 16 - 1 PM to 4 PM - Theme: Hats & Gloves
September 17 - 1 PM to 4 PM - Theme: Hats & Gloves

October 21 - 1 PM to 4 PM - Theme: Harvest Time
November 25 - 4 PM to 7 PM - Theme: Christmas Past

Yost House Features

The Yost House is a 3-story, wood-framed structure built for Z.F. Yost, a Pontiac attorney. Built in 1898, this 5 bedroom, Queen Anne-style house rests on the north bank of the Vermilion River, providing a clear view of the river below. 

Visitors enjoy that same scenery today, filtered through the many trees and shrubs that offer a haven for visiting songbirds and waterfowl. The interior of the home remains today much as it was at the turn of the 20th Century. Most of the furnishings are original to the home, and many date back to the 1850s. Docents at the Yost Museum provide the historical and cultural background to help the visitor appreciate life in that earlier, more quaint era.   
   Historic furniture fills one of the Yost House bedrooms.  A display of multiple quilts around the circular bay windows in the Yost House.
A wire frame bed and historic furniture inside another bedroom in the Yost House.  
   Lovely quilts lay draped on a wooden staircase in the Yost House.  A black and white sketch of the Yost House.  A blue and white quilt leans against the stairs in the Yost House.