Dongbai International Airbrush Art School

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Tang Dongbai, an internationally known, award winning artist, opened his art school in Pontiac, Illinois in April 2012. 

Classes Offered

At his school, Dongbai offers classes in basic, intermediate, and advanced airbrush painting techniques. He also instructs students in his unique UV Invisible Art style. 

Register for Workshops

To register for workshops, or to learn more information, please contact us at (815) 842-1848.

New Workshops Coming Soon

Prospective students can learn how to reserve their spot in a workshop by contacting us at 815-842-1848. 

All supplies and equipment needed are included in the cost and assistance in finding housing is provided.  For more information please call.
About Tang Dongbai
Dongbai is a native of Beijing, China.  He graduated from the prestigious Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and is the founder of Dong Ning UV Painting and the originator of the UV Pretty Dress Painting process. 

He has been creating masterpieces on cars, motorcycles, trucks, helmets, t-shirts, and murals for years.  His company published the first Chinese language books on fine art automobile painting techniques and created the first DVD airbrush painting courses.  

Dongbai participated in the World Design Congress Beijing event during the 2009 Beijing International Design Week.  Dongbai won the 2010 Young China-CCTV Example of Fighting Entrepreneur Excellence Award and was selected to participate in the "Struggling Youth" business entrepreneur series.